ESI Web Design
Website design focused on creating an online presence for the NGO and allow donors give funds and stay updated on projects and activities of the organization.Duration: 1.5 months
ESI needed a website to showcase their efforts to empower marginalized women and children.

The website was required to

  • Showcase ongoing projects being embarked upon by the foundation

  • An e-payment feature was included to allow for donations to be made in support of projects

  • News and updates could be accessed on the website

  • Volunteers could sign up on the website

The Story

In 2010 the Empowerment Support Initiative (ESI) called on us to help them build visibility by means of a website. They had operated for several years, running empowerment projects in their region without much press or exposure
concerning the key milestones they had accomplished.

After receiving the brief we examined their need and proceeded to recommend an online donation platform that would allow visitors and old donors continue their contributions digitally.

The project yielded a vibrant design that communicated the milestones and the NGOs sense of accomplishment.

Investment One Web Design
Web interface design and visuals were the focus of this project. Investment One was keen on carrying out a massive redesign effort on all their marketing platforms and we were contracted to design a new visual outlook for their corporate website.Duration: 12 months