How To Increase Employee Punctuality And Efficiency At Work
Simple tools to start using to make your employees more productive

189 years ago, the industrial revolution began. It involved the gathering of workers in factories for the purpose of mass manufacturing products. In order for these teams of workers to be effective, they had to meet at the work location at a specified time of resumption and these teams would work for the time allotted to their tasks. This method of teamwork required the members of these teams show up at the same time to resume their tasks together.

The Information Age has been on for 28 years and is giving way to the Experience Age, yet most businesses run using the team management principles of the Industrial Revolution. Most of your team may be more effective starting work as early as 4 am in the morning and their ability to execute the required task peak at those hours of the morning. Organizations that insist on discounting the effort made by their employees outside official work hours risk losing out on valuable contributions they could be receiving from their employees during the hours they are the most productive.

Teams that run a flexible attendance tracking system gain from these bursts of creativity that come in the hours outside of the 9-5 cycle and attract talent who value the recognition given of the work they contribute at such times.

Organizations that want to create such an environment use software that allows remote attendance logs and timesheets like Odoo to not only allow employees clock in time used for official tasks but could be used to audit these entries and pay employees based on hours spent on company tasks. Starting at $28 per month, you can take your team dynamics to the next level and start the journey of taking your company from existing within the Information Age and shoot it into the Experience Age because the first step to giving your customers a great experience with your Brand is to give your Employees a great experience. Let the Experience Age begin with You. 

How To Increase Employee Punctuality And Efficiency At Work
Adaberemchi Aja-Onu
27 July, 2020
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