Lean and Remote
How going “remote” can help your business survive then thrive in these times

Last week we completed the deployment of a document management system for one of our clients. They had decided to build Remote Work fully into their processes. 

It was three years ago when I had a conversation with the leader of this organization. He'd told me how he was interested in adopting the Remote Work model. I had recommended the use of Odoo ERP and we discussed other options out there and that was the last time we discussed it. 

It’s amazing how a global crisis can put things in perspective. Their Remote Work process could have taken off three years ago and by now they could have improved their operations and have been in good standing with their clients. 

In the end, we were able to set up the Document Management System and they were up and running within 48 hours. All we had to do for them was to install their subscription, customize the documents app, and set up the user accounts for their team. Afterward, we conducted a training session for their team to enable them to use the software effectively. It's a great start for them and I believe they will take this culture forward in the years to come. 

There are thousands of businesses like yours who still assume that things will go back to the way they were before the COVID-19 pandemic. You must have a healthy picture of what’s going on to change your current processes to a Remote Work model. You need to understand that this is an issue of survival. 

If your business does not adopt the best practices for the current realities it will end up being gobbled up by newer businesses that recognize these trends and are giving the buyers what they really want. Your staff also need a sense of security and if your business continues to demand physical reporting to your places of business, you may begin to lose your top talent to other businesses that provide them the flexibility of working remotely.

This isn’t a rant by someone who is a Remote Work Evangelist. These are suggestions from someone who saw this day coming years ago. I've spent 5 years speaking with business owners about considering this option and how it could possibly improve the productivity of their business and overall health of their employees.

I remember a time when I had to report to an office and I had gotten to the point where my body was breaking down. I requested a day to work from home and it was granted. Once I had tasted the ability to work from home I knew that it was possible for anyone. I believe that teams that adopt Remote Work arrangements will eventually outpace the competition because the sense of wellbeing that comes with working from the safety of your home or a familiar space improves efficiency when it is properly executed.

We all have to be brave enough to embrace change. Organizations that refuse to do so will become extinct and young organizations that dare to challenge the status quo and introduce remote processes will thrive.

In the past, the concerns about the expense and cost of such solutions would have been a valid reason to hold out. Today there are really affordable solutions like Odoo ERP that can get your business working remotely within just a few days. In fact, if your business simply needs to get started with basic daily deliverables you can actually go live with your new remote working tools within 72 hours. So, if your business isn’t using remote work tools today, what are you waiting for?

What are you going to do with your business to make it more compatible with the current culture that is taking over the market place?

What I Think Will Happen

The world has been in a persistent lockdown mode for over 90 days. It's been said that new habits are formed in 21 days. I'd say that the whole world has been learning a new habit during the lockdown. The average consumer has pivoted towards remote engagements and remote purchases. It would be wise for your business to begin to incorporate remote practices into your processes. Your ability to serve your clients remotely and maintain the efficiency of your team is critical to the survival of your business.

Lean and Remote
Adaberemchi Aja-Onu
6 July, 2020
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