How To Build Patience
What To Do If You’re Struggling With Impatience

Hear what my 5-year old said during a family hangout that just tickled me but reminded me that I'm that way too with my dreams. If you're like me and you want your dreams to happen "tomorrow" raise your hand. I see you. I tell you the story of that conversation and my own struggles with impatience and its unintended offspring frustration. If poorly handled, it can be a bomb that blows up everything you truly care about.

The key to patience is the ability to make peace with the truth that the things that matter take time. There's no rush to the production of precious things. Diamonds sit in darkness, heat, and pressure for thousands of years and their value is obvious to everyone. The things of value take time to create. Make your life a masterpiece. Build for millennia and not for the next high.

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How To Build Patience
Adaberemchi AJA-ONU 4 March, 2021
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