How To Dream Big With Your Feet On The Ground
How To Balance Your Passion With Reality with Chinapa Onwusah

If you're like me, I started a business believing that my idea was the next hit. I was wrong! Starting a business requires a balanced optimism and my guest today gives us a reality check. 
We discuss how you can get the attention of people or organizations you wish to work with and a tried and true way to insert yourself into their world and be top-of-mind. 

The journey to your ideal image of yourself begins with having your feet firmly grounded in the present and being aware of your strengths. We discuss what you should be investing in and give a few pointers about how you can do that.
I hope you brought your big-boy pants because this is where we discuss the grown-up stuff.

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How To Dream Big With Your Feet On The Ground
Adaberemchi AJA-ONU 8 March, 2021
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