How To Generate Additional Value From Your Transactional Emails
How Effective Communication about Transactions can Improve Customer Experience with Netcore Solutions

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Consider the fact that OTP and password reset emails usually have a 90% open rate. Now compare that to the average open rates of promotional emails which is usually around 20%.

These emails do not only build your domain reputation but give your customers a pleasant experience. When your customers are happy, business is better!

Unlock extra value from your emails by doing things differently. Triggered emails can dramatically improve your conversion rates if you have the right delivery engine and follow the best practices. 

Your current email marketing practices could be in the inbox today and SPAM tomorrow. If you have been sending them and not getting marketing value for those messages you are missing out. Brands over the world are using triggered emails to cross-sell, up-sell, educate, and create a better experience for their customers.

We would be discussing how you can improve customer experience with emails by

  •  Encouraging customers to use digital channels. 
  •  Building loyalty and encouraging repeat business. 
  •  Adopting new products as per CBN Directives. 
  •  Educating your customers about fraud and security. 
  •  Cross-selling and Product launches.
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How To Generate Additional Value From Your Transactional Emails
Adaberemchi AJA-ONU 31 August, 2020
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