How You Can Take Advantage Of Key Opportunities In 2020
Do you see Nigeria exploring opportunities in the tech industry?

Someone walks up to you, and asks, "do you see Nigeria exploring the opportunities in the tech industry, seeing that technology led organizations will be the top economy drivers through 2022?" I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts; but before you share them, I'd like to get some things off my mind, and set the line clear on this topic, lest we be swayed by public opinion.

Last year, 2019, between October and December, the ICT sector contributed N25.7 trillion to Nigeria's Real GDP, which was 13.12% of the total GDP; which was higher than the 7.32% contributed by our beloved oil sector in the same space of time. So what does that tell you? There's a goldmine here, but is that all? So let me disabuse us of some notions that don't really hold water.

The nature of our leadership structure is such that the average age of Nigerian politicians and people in top leadership positions is 65 years. And even when they have replacement, they still try to control things in the background, a contract here to a personal buddy, a job allocation there to family member, a policy here and there to favor an incumbent/monopoly/MDA, whatever it takes to ensure their hands remain in the pie; anything that makes for data transparency, data decentralization, "Baba" (whosoever he is), would still have to sign the cheque. And it goes without saying, that this age bracket, especially in Nigeria, doesn't fully understand the role of information and technology in the modern economy, and should it in any way threaten their access to power, will stop at nothing to frustrate its advancement.

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How You Can Take Advantage Of Key Opportunities In 2020
Adaberemchi AJA-ONU 30 July, 2020
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