Contactless, easy attendance app. Everything you need to store and track your membership

As the Lagos State Government has listed some modalities, set of protocols and guidelines that must now be put in place and implemented by hospitality and tourism establishments for re-opening of business activities in the State, we provide a dedicated means of tracking visitor attendance to your facility. Our Non-contact Attendance App will not require the use of pens, paper or cards, and there will be no contact with any surface like tables and other horizontal platforms.

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Introducing Non-contact Presentation

First, we'll look at what contactless attendance is. Usually in physical meetings, it is expected that the registration of participants is handled either by manual entry or using an attendance registration platform for events. It would be cumbersome to assume that places of worship would subscribe to creating events for each day of worship and require their members to register for every worship day.



How Non-contact Presentation Works

What would you need to accomplish this? Well, you will need a computer, an attendance tracking software, a contact database with your membership details, a 2D barcode scanner, which would allow you to be able to scan unique barcode identification of the members displayed from their mobile devices and a ticket or ID badge printer.



Cost of Non-contact Presentation

This subscription would cost you $10 per admin user per month. You can start with one admin user. However, if you believe that the volume of administrative work would overwhelm a single user, you may opt for more user licenses.

Once you have up to a hundred active users on your database, the amount paid per user seat will drop to $8 per user per month.



Solving eMail Smartphone Issues for Non-contact Presentation

If you have a group of members who do not possess email addresses, the recommended approach would be to still collect their basic data at the entrance and feed that information into your database.  Confirm, if they possess WhatsApp enabled numbers, and then at a later time manually send a PDF of their access badge to their WhatsApp number.



Non-contact Demo

This is a brief demonstration of how the non-contact attendance system works. Once the membership form has been filled and the attendee has received his access badge. All he needs to do is present that badge from his device. He needs to open the attachment and present the screen to the barcode scanner at the entrance of the church.