Deconstruct Marketing Automation Webinar

Learn how to design more engaging marketing plans that helps your team run exceptional Campaigns and increase conversions

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Isn't it time you eliminated poor performing marketing strategies? If your answer is yes then you'll love this live interactive Zoom Webinar.

Attend and learn about how applying Marketing Automation will significantly boost sales. Put the right tool and culture before your marketing team and help them register massive results.


Dr. A. Aja-Onu

Silicon Streets

At just 12 years old, He was already taking apart electronics to see how they worked and attempting to fix them. After studying Optometry, he began his domination of Web Solutions, unpacking business solutions and deploying them for businesses. This has led to hundreds of web projects completed and over 17 years of experience in designing solutions.

Date & Time

July 26, 2020

9:00 PM 10:00 PM UTC

Silicon Streets

+234 806 729 4580
+234 ‭703 821 3411‬

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Will I be able to ask questions related to my needs?

Yes. A large portion of the Webinar will be dedicated to answering the first two questions and use cases submitted by attendees

Yes. A few resources that will help you practice and perfect these principles will be provided at the end of the Webinar.