Terms of Service

If you would like to do business with us, there are a few things we would like you to know about our terms.

Terms of Scope

In order to ensure the smooth delivery of projects, we wish to communicate that we would prefer to ensure the document generated as a result of the strategy sessions held with your Team be used as a guide to ensure the project dwells within the scope defined.

If the project duration is extended through no fault of staff of Silicon Street Services, a surcharge will be issued to your which reflects the amount of overtime spent.

All correspondence must be confirmed by e-mail. It is our policy to track transactions between clients and staff of Silicon Street Services for the purpose of continuity and documentation.

Silicon Streets will not be held liable for any task or request issued or discussed over the phone or communicated by SMS.

E-mail must be sent to addresses domiciled on the siliconstreets.com domain.

A project is not considered active until at least 50% of the project fees have been paid and the Acceptance of Proposal signed. Project fees do not include Domain name or hosting payments.

A project lead will be appointed to your project and will serve as your link to the Designers and Developers.

If you choose to terminate the project, the work done will be noted and fees calculated. The balance, if any, will be paid back to your after 30 days.

Payments are to be made to accounts held by Silicon Street Services.

Silicon Street Services will not be held liable for any payment made to any elsewhere.