Our Process

Success isn’t an accident. We realize this and over the years have employed best industry practices to ensure projects are delivered to the clients’ expectations.


The first step is always the most important since it determines the way the rest of the project will turn out. We always hold a design strategy session to develop the scope of the project. Our Team holds a Design Strategy session with the Client’s Project Team.

This session is essential towards ensuring the project scope is mapped accurately and metric for satisfaction are clearly defined.


Upon approval of the color pallet, fonts, photo types and wireframe, the design begins to take on more form. Our designers start the process of putting all these parts together in a measured manner to produce a unique look and feel.


The Design Team starts working on bringing the design to life by interpreting the character of your brand into the layout of the website. At the end of the process it will carry your business’ brand uniqueness. The Developers will interpret the design files into code.

This process will take the nice graphic images from being simple stills to an active interface that works on both PC and mobile devices.

Quality Assurance

Our QA team works with our design team to ensure the project matches the expectations mapped out in the strategy document. This process takes place in step with the design and delivery processes so lines of code and features are tested to ensure they work according to design.


The reviewed project is signed off by the project owner. This confirms the project has been carried out to specifications and is ready for delivery. The files are handed over to the project owner and a final sign off is done.

Website projects are uploaded to the production server to mark the final delivery of the project.

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